Diamonds are rare, and large diamonds extremely rare. A diamond mine will move a ton (1000 kilograms) of rock to discover a carat (one fifth of a gram) of diamond. Of all diamonds mined, most of them will be cut into gems of less than a carat in weight.

This Dupuis Spring auction features more than 50 diamonds of over a carat, and 6 of them are beyond the amazing weight of 10 carats. One pair of earrings features two diamonds with a total weight of over 27 carats.

When we hear about celebrity jewels, it’s almost always a large diamond. Angelina Jolie’s 16 carat diamond, Kim Kardashian’s 15 carat stunner from Kanye. Now is your opportunity to add a significant diamond to your wardrobe.

A large diamond is a statement of beauty and achievement that will set you apart from the crowd. In the current Dupuis Important Jewels Auction, diamonds of exceptional weight are available in many shapes, to suit every taste; to accentuate the finger, consider a marquise-shaped diamond of over 6 carats; to express your individuality, perhaps a 10 carat light yellow diamond. The options are here to be admired and coveted.


Diamonds of fancy colour are very uncommon, and have traditionally been available to a select few. The Dupuis Spring auction provides the opportunity to become one of those few people.

Coloured diamonds are happy accidents of nature. Rare colours occur due to conditions deep in the earth.

A pink or purple diamond owes its colour to its formation and its subsequent transportation 150km to the surface, where it is discovered. Pink and purple diamonds are beautiful statement gems.

A green diamond is similarly an accident of nature, some of the most precious and rare diamonds in the world are green. At recent auctions, greens have been creating a great deal of excitement. Apart from the famous Dresden Green, it is only recently that any number of green diamonds have come to light. Three green diamonds are featured in the upcoming auction.

With choices of size and colour, this auction offers extraordinary jewels to meet every diamond desire. Whether you desire pink, green, yellow, or “champagne” brown, there is a wide range of choice to find your perfect unique gem in the Dupuis Spring Auction.



Any couple searching for an engagement ring should head on over to Dupuis this Spring. Remember, an auction combines incredible prices with spectacular one-of-a-kind items and great classics as well. The upcoming Important Jewels Auction has plenty to choose from and it’s a great alternative to your local jewellery store.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional round solitaire or prefer the clean, modern look of an emerald-cut diamond, Dupuis has it. Halo settings and eye-catching bands, too. Or maybe your preference is for a stylish eternity band.

Let’s not forget some of the less conventional choices: consider a slightly more modest twin of Kate Middleton’s now iconic engagement ring featuring a blue sapphire surrounded by round diamonds; for colour and drama, put pink or green tourmalines on your list along with pink, yellow or purple sapphires; perhaps a “Toi et Moi” design, meaning “you and me” in French, with two gemstones to add a great sense of romance to the ring.

You’re invited to come in and look at the rings in person, enjoy trying them on, and we encourage you to talk to one of our jewellery experts who can guide you in your quest for that very special ring.

Lot 404 Pair of Diamond Ear Clips.
Estimate: $190,000-220,000


JUNE 11, 2017


Monday 29 May – Saturday 3 June
Monday 5 June – Saturday 10 June

Daily: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (except Sat. until 4:00 PM)
An appointment is not required.

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