Two-Tone Gold Brooch

It seems fine jewellery has always been synonymous with romance: love and belonging have been an enduring theme in personal adornment for centuries, typically embodied in more feminine pieces that may feature personalized engravings, symbolic images, lockets or hearts. 

Romantic jewellery is most often given as a gift, to woo a new love or show commitment in a relationship, and for this reason, finely crafted bespoke pieces are more likely to get a message of devotion across.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner – the ideal occasion to flaunt your passion and make the object of your affection swoon – consider the dazzling array of one-of-a-kind romantic jewellery pieces available for bidding at Dupuis Fine Jewellery Auctioneers.

Romantic jewellery for the ages

Antique Amethyst and Gold Pendant

Arguably, vintage and antique jewels are the epitome of romantic jewellery. Take for instance the early Victorian era, which according to some historic timelines was also still considered the Romantic Period, especially in the United Kingdom. The jewellery of this time was usually quite sentimental, perhaps reflective of the young royal couple on the throne at the time: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 

Other cultures had their own take on romantic jewels:

Celtic symbolism in jewellery often depicted interconnectedness and relationships, such as the weaving loops of the Celtic Knot that give the illusion of no beginning and no end – eternity. The three-pointed Trinity Knot is said to represent love and honour, making it an ideal choice for engagement jewellery.

And then there is the iconic Claddagh ring, with two hands holding a heart to symbolize love, friendship and family. How the ring is worn tells the wearer’s relationship status.

Gold Brooch by Tiffany & Co., and Diamond and Gold Brooch.

Knots and hearts and locks – oh my! 

Of course, no symbol could be clearer when it comes to gifts from the heart then, well, the heart. 

The first reported use of the heart shape to depict love was in the Middle Ages, and it remains an ever-popular symbol for romance today. 

Similar to the Claddagh, the fede gimmel ring features two hands clasped together that open to reveal a heart, and it is traditionally given as a betrothal ring. Another style is the “witch’s heart,” which is curved toward one side and implies one is “bewitched” with their love.  

Other classic standards for romantic jewellery include three stone rings to represent the past, present and future – typically bestowed as an engagement ring – and the eternity band, which is most often given as a traditional first anniversary gift to symbolize everlasting love. 

Perhaps the most personal of all romantic jewellery gifts is the locket. What could be more nostalgic and significant than a photo of your loved one, held close to your heart? Lockets have been a classic statement piece since the Victorian ages, when it was popular to adorn these pieces with a lock of hair. They still remain a meaningful way to showcase your love story.

Heart-shaped locket pendant

A more recent trend sees brides fastening lockets to their bouquets, sometimes to honour the memory of a loved one, or they can be engraved with the wedding date, initials of the couple, or anything else significant to the bride and groom.  

There are countless ways to turn nearly any piece of fine jewellery into a love story; after all, it is the meaning and intention behind the gift that truly makes it romantic!

Romantic Motifs – Boutique Jewels February 3–10, 2021

  • A Pair of Pietra Dura and Gold Ear Pendants
    Est: $400 - 600

  • A Pair of Two-Tone Gold Ear Clips
    Est: $300 - 400

  • A Gold Bracelet
    Est: $400 - 600

  • An Antique Turquoise, Pearl and Gold Pendant/Brooch, circa 1900
    Est: $900 - 1,300

  • An Unmounted Blue Spinel
    Est: $300 - 400

  • A Diamond, Ruby and White Gold Eternity Ring
    Est: $300 - 400

  • A Sapphire, Diamond and White Gold Ring
    Est: $400 - 600

  • A Pearl, Turquoise, Silver and Pink Gold Locket Pendant
    Est: $400 - 600

  • A Pearl, Split-Pearl, Garnet and Gold Bangle Bracelet
    Est: $500 - 700

  • A Charming Gilt Birdcage with Singing Birds Automaton, by Reuge
    Est: $1,000 - 2,000

  • A Mabe Pearl, Diamond and Gold Pendant/Enhancer
    Est: $700 - 900

  • A Set of Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Platinum Eternity Rings
    Est: $800 - 1,200

  • An Antique Amethyst, Seed Pearl and Gold Pendant, circa 1880
    Est: $300 - 400

  • An Enamel, Cultured Pearl and Gold Brooch
    Est: $500 - 700

  • A Ruby, Diamond, Platinum Ring
    Est: $950 - 1,400

  • An Emerald and Gold Pendant
    Est: $300 - 400

  • An Emerald, Diamond and Gold Ring
    Est: $800 - 1,200

  • Two Diamond and Gold Jewels
    Est: $700 - 900

  • An Emerald and White Gold Necklace
    Est: $400 - 500

  • A Diamond and White Gold Locket Pendant/Enhancer
    Est: $600 - 800

  • A Diamond and Gold Eternity Ring
    Est: $700 - 1,000

  • A Gold Charm Bracelet
    Est: $2,200 - 2,600

  • A Diamond, Ruby, Platinum and Gold Bar Brooch
    Est: $500 - 700

  • A Diamond and Gold Ring
    Est: $1,400 - 1,800

  • A Diamond and White Gold Eternity Ring
    Est: $300 - 400

  • A Diamond and White Gold Eternity Ring
    Est: $1,000 - 1,400

  • Two Cultured Pearl and Gold Brooches
    Est: $300 - 400

  • A Gold Locket Pendant
    Est: $600 - 800

  • A Two-Tone Gold Brooch
    Est: $800 - 1,200

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