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Lot 11: A Charming Gilt Birdcage with Singing Birds Automaton, by Reuge


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$2,400 CAN

The gilded cage containing two birds with coloured genuine feathers, principally in blue tones. The birds open their beaks to sing and whistle, turn their heads, raise their tails, swivel, flap their wings, all through the action of a clockwork mechanism enclosed in the base of the cage. The movement is wound-up on the underside, and has two settings, for constant or occasional movement and singing. Bellows and whistles function to provide realistic sound from this entirely clockwork mechanism.
The cage is gold plated, with alternate polished and twisted wires from the top to the base. The cage is accompanied by a hanging bracket to utilize the ring at the top, and with a cover to place over the cage.
There is a row of simulated rubies around the base of the ring at the top of the cage.
Automaton birds in cages were very popular in the 19th Century. The mechanism to operate them is extremely complex to produce such sound and movement. This automaton is modern, and in excellent condition.
Reuge was first established in 1865, and the company, today, still based in Switzerland, has a focus on clockwork automatons, music boxes, and pocket watches.

Dimensions: 11.5 inch high, 6.25 inch wide, or 30 cm by 16.5cm

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