The term antique spans centuries of desirable jewels with circa dates reaching back at least a hundred years, evoking a time and place more common with attending grand balls redolent of regal demeanour, strict dress codes and proper etiquette. Noble jewels were worn by nobility: individual pieces, boxed-set parures and multi-piece corsage brooches, sometimes with matching tiaras to complement a heady lifestyle, were decorated by gemstones sourced from vast Empires. Revivals caught the imagination, whether Archeological, Etruscan, Egyptian or Renaissance. Colourful micromosaics and miniature versions of hand painted portraiture were commonly bought as mementoes of a sight-seeing Grand Tour of Europe.

Popular themes for jewels included nature inspired snakes and salamanders, celestial stars, moons and comets, flowers and plants. Fringe necklaces were created to stunningly catch either candlelight or chandeliers equipped with the newest electrical lighting. Natural pearls and untreated gems were the norm, not the exception and can be enjoyed today by the discerning collector who appreciates rarity.

Art Deco Diamond and Platinum Bracelet by Cartier, circa 1925.

Important Jewels Auction

June 23, 2019

Get ready for another dazzling selection of exquisite jewels, impressive diamonds and fine selection of emeralds, rubies, sapphires in the upcoming Dupuis auction.

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