Summertime is particularly suited to the one-of-a-kind exoticism of jewels redolent of historic eras: the more than bearable lightness of the Belle Époque era, with it’s lacy elegance; the relaxing geometry of Art Deco repetition; the calming Natural realm represented in Art Nouveau; the infinitely broad choice of ornate motifs apparent during Queen Victoria’s long reign, promoting the unique language of flowers with secret, not-so-discreet messages, popularly featuring garnets, agate, citrines, and split-pearls with enamel embellishment; the artistry of tiny Georgian portrait miniatures; the mythical symbols of Antiquity in classical Renaissance Revival.

Boutique Jewels Auction

August 17, 2022

The upcoming August auction offers you one of the largest selections of desirable jewellery ever presented by Dupuis. Your interest will be pleasantly piqued by the nearly 800 Lots, perfect for summertime and beyond; you’re absolutely sure to find just what you’ve been looking for, and some surprises as well: bold, dainty, antique, Art Deco, joyful colourful gems or classic diamonds, take your pick.

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